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Queens Gardens, Saturday 12 October, 1974

On this site you will find some information on the local history booklets I have produced since 1996.  (Please click on Book Titles and Photos above). For a number of years these were on sale in Warrington Library, Warrington Museum, WH Smith, Waterstones, and a few smaller shops, but my main outlet was the former Bookland shop in Cairo Street, where most copies were sold.  

The booklets are no longer available, and big increases in printing costs mean that many of them will probably never be reprinted. However, I intend to publish a much larger volume covering the Buttermarket Street, Cockhedge and Brick Street area which will include a revised section on Church Street which was the first of my walks booklets, published 20 years ago.

Market Gate, summer 1974

Market Gate looking towards Horsemarket Street on Thursday 13 June 1974

Market Gate taken with the same camera from a similar viewpoint on Sunday 25 March 2012

The books are illustrated only in black and white, which I used for the vast majority of my photography, but I have illustrated the various pages of this web site with hundreds of colour photographs of the town, many dating back 30 years or so (in greatly reduced resolution) and have included an additional page on photography.  (Please click on Warrington in camera, above). Following a number of requests I have now begun to add more photos, now including images taken from slides and black and white negatives, and even the odd digital image has crept in. The old photos can be found on every page of the website, but mostly on the Warrington's Past pages. Enjoy the photographs, but please note that text and all images on this site are copyright and may not be copied, saved or reproduced.

 Town Hall Friday 11 Oct 1974

Looking from the corner of Market Street down Lyme Street towards Horsemarket Street, Thursday 20 July, 1972

The old Blackburne Arms, on the afternoon of Friday 17 August, 1973. When the redevelopment was planned this building was to be retained but when work had started it was decided to replace it with a modern design.



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