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Kendrick & Beamont Reprints

The rebuilt Old Academy in September 1994

Profiles of Warrington Worthies,

by James Kendrick

A new edition with an introduction and appendix.  Contains brief notes on a number of figures associated with the eighteenth century Warrington Academy with a silhouette profile of each.  Published 1996.  ISBN 1 901208 21 4.  No longer available.



The General Wolfe, on the site of the pub where Cromwell is reputed to have stayed, and the Tudor Cottage, Thursday 26 August 1971

An Account of Warrington Siege,

by James Kendrick

First published in 1852, this paper deals with the events of 1643 when the town was garrisoned by the Royalists.  Illustrated with seven old drawings and a map of the town in 1643.  A new appendix contains Beamont's account of the 'Battle of Stockton Heath'.  Published 1996.  ISBN 1 901208 25 7. 


Halton Castle, Monday 22 September 1969

 Warrington Local Sketches, Vol 1

A new edition, featuring the Plague House, Hill Cliffe Chapel, Bellefields Farm, Frandley, Friends' Burial Ground Whitley, Halton Castle and Winnington Bridge.  In the appendix the same sites are revisited today.  As well as the original drawings of the places covered, there are a number of new drawings and photographs.  Published 1997.  ISBN 1 901208 26 5.  No longer available.

Beamont reprints

The History of the House of Orford
by William Beamont

First published in 1886 in Hale and Orford. Here Beamont treats in his usual meticulous way the families of Orford Hall and the history of Orford, with many references to the history of Warrington in general. The editor's copy was formerly owned by JP Rylands who went on to write a history of Hale. An entirely new edition with a new introduction, footnotes, illustrations and index.
Published 1997. ISBN 1 901208 22 2. No longer available.

The History of Bruche Hall
by William Beamont

Besides dealing with the hall and its owners down the centuries, Beamont's book contains many references to other localities in the Warrington district. A new edition with extra footnotes and other new material.
Published 1997. ISBN 1 901208 23 0. No longer available.


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