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Padgate Station from the footbridge, early 1969

Warrington No 1 box, Monday 22 March 1971 

The diesels have taken over at Dallam Shed, May 1968 

Type 2 diesel at Dallam, June 1968

A Black Five derailed on pointwork, Marsh House Lane, Friday 19 August 1966

A Black Five under the coaler, Dallam, Sunday 9 July 1967

Class 56 locomotive 56093 passes the site of Bank Quay low level with a train of MGR hopper empties from Fiddlers Ferry. Slide taken 27 October 1981

Class 40 passes the home signal at Bank Quay Low Level, 18 December 1981

On the other side of Slutcher's Lane bridge, a class 47 47350 waits to move off with a train of HAA hoppers. Slide taken Wednesday 25 July 1979

One of my favourite vantage points for photography was Slutchers Lane bridge This view was taken in January 1979, with Arpley Junction in the foreground and the power station and Newbridge buildings in the bachground.

Class 08 diesel shunter still in green livery, Arpley, Sunday 27 January 1977

The industrial skyline on this shot is mostly still the same today. The locomotives are standing on the site of Arpley locomotive shed. Taken with a 135mm lens from Wilderspool road bridge, December 1979.

The transporter bride looms over this shot of class 08 locomotive 08356 in the bay at Bank Quay station. Slide taken on 15 November 1981

At the north end of Bank Quay a Type 2 class 25 25177 waits during permanent way work on a fine Sunday in March 1981

The site of Bank Quay South End yard. To the right were the carriage sidings, later used for diesel locomotive stabling until residents' complaints forced a move to Arpley. Beyond the brick built offices are buildings where carriage and wagon repairs were undertaken. The area is now a car park and DIY store. Slide taken late in 1977

A Class 47 locomotive leans into the curve at Froghall, taking a trainload of tanks to the north. Slide taken July 1983.

A better view of Bank Quay bridge with an nelectric locomotive heading an up express. The bridge was rebuilt when the line was electrified. Slide taken September 1978. 

A class 47 passing the former Bank Quay goods depot sidings with a train of coal hoppers for Fiddlers Ferry. Slide taken in May 1981

Class 47 47436 pilots Class 87 electric locomotive 87020 North Briton on an up passenger working at Froghall on Sunday morning 21 June 1981. The diesel locomotive was required because the power had been turned off to allow engineering work.

Class 45 45066 with an evening passenger service from North Wales bound for Manchester Victoria on the down slow line at Froghall. Slide taken at 7.29pm on 8 July 1983

The Whitecross wire rope factory has just been demolished. A DMU crosses over the West Coast main line with a Warrington Central service. Slide taken on 8 September 1986

This shows on the right the brick building of Dallam locomotive shed, converted to the Locker Air Maze factory. Taken from the top of Dallam Lane, early 1980. Bewsey Steelworks on the left.

A class 87 with a down train in Intercity livery approaching Dallam Junction on the morning of 9 September 1986. Slide taken from a similar vantage point to the shot above but with a 135mm lens to bring out the background of the Bank Quay factories which the now demolished steelworks had masked.

Further north, at Winwick Quay, one of the APT sets, number 370 007, heads north on the down fast. Slide taken July 1984

Looking towards Thames Board mills and Arpley yard. Slide taken at the end of July 1981

Slide taken with a 135mm lens from Walton Old Junction looking across the bridge towards Thames Board in the hazy early morning of what would be a hot summer's day in July 1979

A class 25 locomotive passing the signals at Latchford Station with a goods train for Arpley late in 1978

Class 47 waiting at the same signals at Latchford, April 1981

Class 47 with empties from Fiddlers Ferry approaches Bank Quay Low Level in August 1979

Class 40 with a train of 16 ton mineral wagons at Crosfields Crossing, August 1979

Looking along the low level line from Monks crossing towards Bank Quay with Liverpool Road on the left. Class 08 locomotive 08130 waits at the signal. Slide taken 17 February 1978

A little further down the line a Class 47 accelerates past Monks Hall steelworks with a train of coal hoppers for Fiddlers Ferry power station. Slide taken August 1979

Class 40 locomotive 40174 approaches the site of Padgate Junction with a freight from Warrington Central. Slide taken from the iron bridge at 12.20pm on Sunday 4 December 1977

A class 31 locomotive with a train from Liverpool crosses the Sankey valley heading for Warrington Central on 16 September 1986

Another class 31 heads a train over the Sankey canal on a September evening in 1986

Looking towards Warrington Central goods yard from the station with yard pilot 08669. Slide taken early 1979

Class 25 locomotive 25085 in Warrington Central goods yard. Slide taken at an open day on 10 October 1981



Merchant Navy 35030 Elder Dempster Lines at Nine Elms Sat 3 June 1967

USA tank 30072, shed pilot at Guilford, Sat 3 June 1967

34037 West Country loco Clovelly at Eastleigh Sat 3 June 1967

Sister West Country loco 34025 Whimple at Bournemouth Sat 3 June 1967

Bournemouth loco shed Sat 3 June 1967

Standard Class 4MT tank 80134 at Bournemouth Sat 3 June 1967

Salisbury Sat 3 June 1967

Standard Class 5MT 73029 and West Country 34040 Crewkerne at Basingstoke Sat 3 June 1967. Why do people do that?


Warrington Dallam Black 5 loco 45232 seen at Springs Branch, Wigan, 19 March 1966

42727 at Buxton, Sunday 21 Noivember 1965

68079 at Buxton, Sunday 15 January 1967

75054 at Stoke Station on Tuesday 2 August 1966

75029 outside the shed at Birkenhead Sunday 9 July 1967

42613 and 42647 at Birkenhead Sunday 9 July 1967 

Crab 42765 at Birkenhead Saturday 18 February 1967

Bolton loco shed 9 July 1967

73026 at Bolton on Sunday 9 July 1967

78055 and 78028 at Bolton on Sunday 1 January 1967. Several of these Class 2MT locos were transferred from Toton to Bolton but were disliked and soon found themselves on the scrap line seen here.

Jinties 47383 and 47388 at Newton Heath, Manchester, on Sunday 15 January 1967

Stanier Black 5 loco 45409 outside Stockport Edgeley shed on Sunday 9 July 1967

On the same day in the long grass at the back of the shed was double chimneyed Jubilee 45596, Bahamas

Among other locos stored at the back of the shed was Stanier 8F class leader 48000

Speke Junction shed, Liverpool, Sunday 9 January 1967

Stanier Black 5 loco 45015 at Edge Hill, Liverpool, on Sunday 9 January 1967



Ivatt Class 4 43044 at Stourton, Leeds, Sunday 10 July 1966 

Edge Hill based Stanier Black 5 loco 45156, Ayrshire Yeomanry, at Mirfield in the rain on Sunday 10 July 1966

In one of the roundhouses at Leeds Holbeck on Saturday 2 December 1967 is K1 62005

In Leeds Neville Hill on Sunday 10 July 1966 were several preserved locos including 69621 

On the scrap lines at Hull Dairycoates on a murky October day in 1966 a row of withdrawn locos were awaiting removal to Draper's scrapyard. here we see 42110 and J27 65809, formerly of Tebay and Blyth sheds respectively

Further along the line was 4F 44500 formerly of Wigan Springs Branch

In the same location were these three B1s, 61032, 61255 and 61012, all of Hull Dairycoates

In the rain at West Hartlepool on Saturday 8 April 1967 were Q6 63407 and K1 62048

Outside West Hartlepool shed on Saturday 8 April 1967 is K1 62045

In the roofless roundhouse at Tyne Dock on Saturday 8 April 1967 are Q6 locos 63455 and 63431



Class J36 65234 at St Margaret's, Edinburgh, Saturday 9 April 1966

Class A3s 60041 Salmon Trout and 60052 Prince Palatine, St Margaret's, Saturday 9 April 1966

Class J37 64610, Dunfermline, Saturday 9 April 1966

Class J38 65901, Thornton Junction, Saturday 9 April 1966

Class K1 62045 at Perth, Saturday 9 April 1966

Class A2 60530 Sayajirao at Dundee Tay Bridge, Saturday 9 April 1966

In the rain at Dundee Tay Bridge, Saturday 9 April 1966

Standard Class 4MT Mogul 76000 at Motherwell, Sunday 10 April 1966


Barry Works Sunday 24 July 1966

Barry Works Sunday 24 July 1966

Barry Works Sunday 24 July 1966

Barry Works Sunday 24 July 1966

Barry Docks Sunday 29 May 1966

Oxley Sunday 6 March 1966

Radyr Sunday 16 June 1968

Worcester Sunday 16 June 1966

Autotank 1442 preserved on a plinth at Tiverton Saturday 30 July 1966

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